Big Data

What is Big Data?

When your business grows and you start growing fast as a company, you go on storing along enormous amounts of new data everyday. This way you are sure to reach at some point a critical stage when the software in use so far is no longer able to process the massive data-volume, however important and indispensable role they may play to solve your business problems.

It is the versatile technology of Big Data that is called into play in such a situation. Big Data is the preferred tool that empowers you to access a far greater variety of your important data at great speed and in a far greater quantity, ensuring your transition from stagnation to absolute fluidity.

Big Data
Basic principles Big Data is based on

Creating huge database without a matching system of fast data accessibility and processing is of no use, because it is the ideas derived from your database that constantly motivate and enable you to take wiser business decisions and develop new products. With Big Data you have ready access to far more information that enables you to find answers to many more intriguing problems.

Depending upon the nature of your project, the volume of data can be widely divergent and so can the variety of data you are required to deal with. However varied the data-volume and the variety of data-structure may be, the technology of Big Data ensures that they are received and processed extremely fast.

With the advent of Big Data technology, the enormous amount of data generated through hundreds of thousands of online services and vast social networking websites are now managed efficiently, unthinkable before the arrival of the technology.

Big Data for Security

With the security breach of websites becoming a real hazard these days, development of newer technologies to counter this evil has become more important than ever before. Big Data is of great help in tracking patterns of data that indicate and locate fraudulent acts by unauthorized elements, enabling you thereby to take faster counter measures.

How can Ambit Technologies (P) Ltd. help you?

Ambit Technologies (P) Ltd. is one of the handful of companies across the world to employ, on demand, Big Data concept in the assigned projects to create state-of-the-art websites for customers. Whether you intend to launch a new website or upgrade your existing website to make it Big Data compliant, our skilled IT professionals stand ready to make it happen. Usually we use Hypertable and HADOOP technologies to give the Big Data edge to the projects we develop.

What is Hypertable and HADOOP?

Hypertable is an open source fast and high performing storage system for scaleable database. Hadoop is the technological concept brought to use for achieving high performance distributed file system for fast and accurate retrieval of data stored in multi-server environment.